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Ch.Yankee´s Barkley Ch.Bullit Tippitt Bumble
Ch.Tippitt´s Tex´s Frenchy Ch.Sindelar´s K.C. Ch.Barberycoast´o´Class
Ch. Sindelar´s Misty Mudd
Tippitt´s Betty Boo Ch.Tippitt´s Andy
Sindelar´s Ruby
Tippitt´s Jollyscamp Ch.Tippitt´s Andy Ch.Sierra´s Lil Abner
Willinwood Dancing
Willinwood Angel Rocky MT Judge
Willinwood Tall Cotton
Ch.Stephanie Roadhouse´s of Benmar Ch.Roadhouse´s El Toro Valiente Davi´s Desert Sage Ch.Nugget´s Sticky of Our
Our Gang´s Black Jet
Ch.Roadhouse´s Rosa Bonita Ch.Sindelar´s Eye of The Tiger
Pete´s Buttermilk Queen
Glidewell´s Lady in Red Ch.Sakapa´s Gist Gemini Ch.Touch´o´Class Patrick
Marsan´s Molly Brown
Ch.Dusty´s of Brandy Punch Jone´s Spiked Punch
Jerry´s Brandy
Heavenguard´s Victory Ch.Diamond Hard´s Perry Ch.Storytime´s Song
and Dance Man
Ch.Storytime´s on The Darkside Ch.Kindre´s Rebellious Gator
Sword´n´Sorcery Mithrill Stargazer
Wildwind´s Image of River Ch.Wildwind´s Apache Brave CD
Ch.Wildwind´s Daydream Fantasy
Haegele´s GoGo Girl Spartan´s Argo Ch.Sertoma´s Blaze
Ch.Sierra´s Hold That Tiger
Haegele´s Cobra Spartan´s Argo
Handsome Lady Vom Simba Camp
Heavenguard´s Deborah Ch.Tippitt´s Bucanero Ch.Tippitt´s Andy Ch.Sierra´s Lil Abner
Ch.Willinwood Dancing Dolly
Ch.Sindelar´s Ruby Ch.Tryarr Diamond Redbolt
Ch.Sindelar´s Heidi Ho
Ch.Barberycoast Spell Binder Ch.Touch´o´Class QED Ch.Sindelar´s Touch´o´Class
Ch.Sindelar´s Touch´o´Class
Ch.Barberycoast Secret
Ch.Touch´o´Class Rebel Rousser
Ch.Touch´o´Class Put in The Ritz