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FuzzyNating´s Watch Me Rolling
(D. Birth: 11/12/03. Sire:"Flamewood´s Rainbow Dragon" Dam: "Fuzzynating´s Cut and Paste")

(10 months on the pics)

BEJA 2004 (PORTUGAL): EXC 1º (Youth class). BOB.  judge: Mr. Karl Ericc Johansson (Sweden)


Ch. FuzzyNating´s Soul Of Man

(D. Birth: 09/12/00. Sire:"Heavenguard´s Valloh" Dam: "Ambar")


(20 months on the pics)

"Sting" is one of our new star-boy.He has great conformation, proper movement and a fantastic temperament.He´s a really espectacular and beautiful male.At the photos he was 20 months old. With this age, "Sting" is 20" ( 50cms) tall and his weight was 30 kgs (66 lbs.). He´s now starting in the show world and have achieve some excellents resilts, so check his results (always more than 4 dogs in the ring):

VELEZ 2001: EXC 3º (Youth class) judge: Mr. Antonio Rojo (Spain)

ESTREMOZ´2001: EXC 2º (Y. C.) judge: Mr. Jack Travers (Ireland)

GRANADA´2002: EXC 4º (Y.C.) (Entries 11 in class) judge: ?

SEVILLA´2002: EXC 1º (Y.C.) / B.O.S.  judge: Mrs. Moa Persson (Sweden)

MADRID´2002: (Entries 64 amstaff)  EXC 2º (Y.C.) judge: Herr Otto Schimpf (Austrie)

BADAJOZ´2002: EXC 1º  /  C.A.C. / C.A.C.I.B. / B.O.S. (Open Class) judge: Mr. Jaques Medart-Ringet (France)

TAVIRA INT. DOG SHOW´2002 (portugal): EXC 1º / C.A.C. / C.A.C.I.B. / B.O.B. (O.C.) judge: Mr. Pedro Rufino

ESTORIL INT. DOG SHOW´2002 (portugal): EXC 2º R.C.A.C./ R.C.A.C.I.B. judge: Mr. Fernando Madeira (port)

SPANISH TERRIER SPECIALITY 2002 (C.E.T.S.) (Entries 62 amstaff): EXC 1º (Intermediate class) judge: Renee Sporre-Willes (Sweden)

BEJA´2002 (portugal): EXC 2º R.C.A.C. (O.C.) judge: Joao Vieira (Portugal)

VELEZ MALAGA´2002:  EXC 2º R.C.A.C. (Open Class) judge: Mrs. Berit Foss (Norway)

FRONTEIRA´2002 (portugal): EXC 2º (O.C.) Judge: Mr. Jaques Medart-Ringuet (France)

GRANADA´2003 (national) : EXC 1º C.A.C./ B.O.B. (O.C.) Judge: D. Angel Sotoca (Spain)

GRANADA´2003 (international): EXC 4º Judge: D. Manuel Torres (Spain)

SEVILLA´2003 (national): EXC 1º C.A.C. / B.O.B. Judge: Dr. Gian Ercole Mentasti (Italy)

SEVILLA´2003 (international) EXC 1º C.A.C. / C.A.C.I.B / B.O.B Judge: D. Adolfo Martinez Noguera (Spain)

MALAGA´2003: EXC 2º R.C.A.C. /R.C.A.C.I.B. Judge: Mrs Flora Mckenzie (canada)

LISBOA´2003: EXC 1º C.A.C. / C.A.CI.B. / Q.C. / B.O.S. Judge: D. Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal)

JEREZ´2003: EXC 1º C.A.C. / C.A.C.I.B. / B.O.B. Judge: Mr. Dan Ericsson (Sweden)

BEJA´2003: EXC 1º C.A.C. / B.O.B. / 3rd Group. Judge: Mr. Rajno Rottner (Slovenia)

VELEZ-MALAGA´2003: EXC 2º R.C.A.C. judge: Mrs. Angela Hauncher (Spain) DEFINITIVE ANDALUCIA CHAMPION

FRONTEIRA´2003: EXC 1º C.A.C. / B.O.B. judge: Mr. Auguste Dewilde (Belgium)

SEVILLA´2004 (national) : EXC 2º, R.C.A.C. judge: Jacques Medart-Ringuet (Francia)

SEVILLA´2004 (international) : EXC 1º C.A.C./ C.A.C.I.B. / B.O.B. judge: Ole Stunskjaer (Denmark)

INTERRA TERRIER SPECIALTY (Santarem - Portugal) : EXC 2º judge: Rui Oliveira (Portugal) DEFINITIVE PORTUGUESE CHAMP.

Valloh de Heavenguard

(D.Birth: 12/15/1998. Sire. Ch. "Burran Tipit Z Hanky". Dam. "Haëgele´s Bravo". 20" and 34

“Valloh” is an excellent male of Europeans  lines, of exceptional type, movement, character, pigment and musculature. He has  black mask, extraordinary back assurances and an energetic movement of great advance without apparent effort.

“Valloh” is son of  Ch.“Burran Tipit Z Hanky” and  “Haëgele´s Bravo”. “Burran” comes from the famous kennel of Chequia “Tipit Z Hanky” property of Ludek and Hanna Brezinova, and he´s  Spanish Champion, Portuguese Ch., Club and Internac. Ch. Their mother, “Bravo”, comes from the famous kennel “Haëgele´s”, property of the German Arthur Haëgele. “Bravo” is granddaughter of one of the best AMSTAFF in the continent: Ch. “Sindelar´s Gock of Max”. She´s a beautiful brindle bitch with black mask.

"Valloh" combines in his pedigree American lines (from maternal part) of "Kar-Ron´s" and "Finwar´s", "Haëgele´s" and "Sindelar´s" lines.

Currently, “Valloh”  has important results in shows at yhe age of 30 months old and the fact of always having to compete with more than 5 dogs in the ring. He is alwais excellent, 8 x EXC 1º, 4 x EXC 2º, 1 x EXC 3º, 1 x EXC 4º, 6 x B.O.B., 4 x C.A.C., 3 x C.A.C.I.B. and Group winner.

JEREZ´1999: EXC. 2º (Junior Class) judge: Mr. Miklos Fakahazi (Hungary)

ZAFRA´1999: EXC. 1º B.O.B. (J. C.) judge: Mr. Ernesto Capra (Italy)

GRANADA´2000: EXC. 1º (J.C.) judge: Mr. Angel Garach (Spain)

SEVILLA´2000: EXC. 1º B.O.B., / B.O.G. (J.C.) Judge: Mr. Daniel Messeger (Spain)
                                                                              Mrs. Renee Spores-Willes (Sweden)
MALAGA´2000: EXC. 2º (J.C.) judge: Mrs. Wera Hubenthal (Norway)

BADAJOZ´2000: EXC. 2º (J.C.) judge: Mrs. Marina Guideti (Italy)

MADRID´2000: EXC. 1º B.O.B. (J.C.) judge: Mr. Dan Ericsson (Sweden)

JAEN´2000: EXC. 1º C.A.C./B.O.B.(Open Class) judge: Mr. Angel Garach (ESP)

GIBRALTAR´2000: EXC s/c (O.C.) judge: Mr. Guillemus Rademaker (Holland)

JEREZ´2000: EXC. 2º R.C.A.C. (O.C.) judge: Mr. Giussepe Alessandra (Italy)

TERRIERS SPECIALITY´2000: EXC. s/c (O.C.) judge: Mrs. Martha Heine (Germany)

MADRID AUTUMN´2000: EXC 4º (entries 18) (O.C.) judge: Mrs. Barber Von Kralik (Germany)

CORDOBA´2000: EXC 1º C.A.C. / B.O.B. (O.C.) judge: Mr. Mariano Goñi (Spain)

GRANADA´2001: EXC. 3º (O.C.) judge: Mrs. Elke Pepper (Germany)

SEVILLA´2001. EXC. 1º C.A.C./C.A.C.I.B./B.O.B. (O.C.) judge: Mr. Raffaelo Marioti (Italy)

MALAGA´2001: EXC. 1º C.A.C./C.A.C.I.B. (O.C.) judge: Mr. Dan Ericsson (Sweden)

JEREZ´2001: EXC 1º C.A.C. /  B.O.B. (0.C.) judge: Mr. Javier Sanchez (Spain) (Special)

VELEZ 2001: EXC 4º (O.C.) judge: Mr. Antonio Rojo (Spain)